How To Guides

How to make a coffee, replace your grinder burrs or change the water filter. You'll find all that and more right here in easily printable PDF format and Youtube videos. 

Vibiemme Domobar & E61 Video Guides

Making a Long Black or Flat White

VBM Vibiemme Domobar E61 Home Espresso Machine Full Guide

VBM Vibiemme Domobar E61 Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Guide

Mazzer Jolly Coffee Grinder Burr Replacement How To Guide

Mazzer Jolly Coffee Grinder Hopper How To Clean

How to Change Britta C150 Water Filter on Commercial Espresso Machine




Printable How To Guides for Coffee 

Step by step instructions on how to perform simple maintenance on your espresso machine.

Vibiemme Domobar Junior Guide - Print Version
Comprehensive text & photo guide to using your VBM Domobar.  

Backflushing your E61 Group Espresso Coffee Machine - Print Version 
Step by step text and photo guide to cleaning your E61 group head type machine.

Changing Mazzer Grinder Burrs - Text Only Version
Step by step text guide to changing the blades on your Mazzer flat burr type grinder.

Removing E61 Group Head Seal & Shower Screen - Print Version
Text & photo guide to removing and replacing your E61 group head seal and shower screen.

Replacing Everpure OCS or BH2 Water Filter - Text Only Version
Step by step text guide to explain changing an Everpure water filter.

How To Clean Your Espresso Machine Steam Arm
Don't make this expensive mistake! 


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