Our Story

We're local

Chiasso Coffee Roasters is a family owned business.

We've been roasting in New Zealand since 1997 and learned a thing or two about great coffee in that time. 

  • Chiasso Coffee Co.

    Celebrating 25 Years

  • Double shot.

    Brendan McKellar (left) and Jonathan Norton at Chiasso Coffee’s headquarters in Wynyard St Devonport

  • We start by meticulously selecting only the best coffee beans from the world's foremost coffee growing regions.

  • These beans are carefully roasted on a state of the art coffee roaster, which was handmade to our specifications in Ochiobello, Italy. 

  • Nothing is rushed. We take our time to make sure every bean is roasted to perfection.

  • Our expert process has been perfected over many years to bring you only the best, freshly roasted coffee to your home or local. 

We're organic certified 

Our Dolce & Pascolo blends are proudly Biogro Organic Certified.

Biogro is the most recognised organic accreditation in New Zealand and is the mark of a genuine organic product.

Plenty of companies claim to be organic. We took the step to become certified to show how serious we are about Organic standards in our coffee.

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We've got you covered

Alongside our premium fresh roasted coffee beans, we are the exclusive New Zealand suppliers for a range of cafe essentials

Our Mission

To consistently produce exceptional coffee, in a sustainable way.