Soft Plastic Recyclable Packaging

chiasso coffee soft plastic recyclable bags

We recently improved our packaging for sustainability.
After a lot of research and testing, we decided recyclable soft plastic was our best option. Our new resealable bags are lightweight, durable and still retain optimum coffee freshness.


What happens to the soft plastic?

Soft plastic is taken to one of two New Zealand locations for recycling:

  • Future Post blends the soft plastic with other plastics to make fence posts, planter boxes for vegetable gardens and bumpers for parking spaces.
  • SaveBOARD uses the soft plastic to make building materials, such as insulation board.


You can find a list of locations that take soft plastic for recycling here


Compostable Takeaway Cups

chiasso coffee compostable coffee cup

Our compostable cups are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cups. Our takeaway cups are made from bioplastic and bioplastic-lined premium paper certified industrially compostable to Australian Standards AS4736. 



Composting Waste Collection

We provide a food waste compostable bin at our Devonport Coffee Bar for our local customers to drop off their takeaway cups. This means people can ensure their cup waste goes to the right place!

When organic waste breaks down in landfills, methane gas is produced. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and contributes significantly to climate change. By composting organic waste, we turn it into a valuable resource used to enrich the soil. Healthy soils hold carbon in a living form and play an essential role in our local food production.


E Delivery Van

We use our very own electric van to make local deliveries