Collection: Kaffelogic Nano 7e Benchtop Home Coffee Roaster

The Kaffelogic Nano 7e  - Roast your own coffee - your place, your way.

- Free 4 kg Specialty Grade Green Beans 
- Latest Model Nano 7e
- Free Home Delivery
- Stocks Are Limited

The Kaffelogic Nano 7e Home Coffee Roaster comes with:

- 4 x 1 kg Selection of Specialty Grade 80+ Green Beans*
- Full instruction manual
- NEW Chaff collector 
- Free NZ wide home delivery

 The Kaffelogic Nano 7e Home Coffee Roaster Features:

- 100 to 120 g per roast** 
- Small footprint
- Chaff collector
- Digital display
- Easy to use & clean
- Profile driven operation
- Completely customisable
- USB file transfer
- Roast logging for 100 roasts
- USB cable 
- Online community
- NZ designed
- NZ manufacturer
- NZ warranty
- NZ support

*By default we will typically send Brazil, PNG, Colombian & Guatemalan however this could change from time to time. If you prefer to select the beans yourself, please note your choices in the special instructions during check out (you can see the options in our coffee shop on the website) or just send us an email on our contact page.

Boost Kit available now

**Option to increase the roast size to 200 g with the new boost kit!

Roast control reinvented
We weren’t happy with the traditional way of automating coffee roasting, so we started over and invented a better way. The result: Kaffelogic out-performs other automated systems at bringing to life the full potential of every bean. Mediocre beans will sing, and exquisite beans will… are your taste buds ready for this?

Peak flavour
Coffee changes flavour every day after it is roasted, with peak flavour generally lasting only a few days. When it reaches its peak you want to drink it over a short period and then move on to a fresh batch. The Kaffelogic batch size of 100g lasts 1 to 3 days for most people - perfect for living life at the peak.

Of course it’s not just about flavour. Freshly roasted coffee will also deliver maximum crema. Beautiful tiger-skinned crema with every shot.


The Nano 7e has been designed to suit your kitchen and your busy life. It is the only roaster in its class with one-touch operation and designed to fit on your kitchen bench.

You no longer need to keep a supply of roasted coffee in the house for those unexpected visitors. With Kaffelogic Ready to Drink roast profiles you can go from green bean to brew in just 12 minutes. Roast on demand is now a reality.

We respect your intelligence. It is easy to use, but we haven't dumbed it down for the home consumer. We sell you the same machine that we sell to professionals for commercial sample roasting. With Kaffelogic you don’t sacrifice quality when you roast at home. Plus we give you full access to our professional profile development software Kaffelogic Studio, so you can dig deep into profile design if that’s your thing.


Roaster Details

Kaffelogic roast control system

We developed a computerised roast control system that mimics what an artisanal hands-on roaster does, right down to making precise adjustments at specific times during the roast.
As a result there are a raft of groundbreaking technical innovations built into the Kaffelogic roast control system.

The PID control loop uses predictive rate of rise (not just temperature) which gives the Nano 7 unprecedented ability to follow a profile curve.
Add to this the ability to make subtle changes to PID gain parameters, apply power boosts, and use power profiling at pre-defined times during the roast and you have the most nuanced roast control system in the world.

Air roasting

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 is an air roaster. Getting the air speed right is critical to flavour development and this is something that the Kaffelogic excels at.

The fan speed control system is so precise that it is possible to keep the beans in a state of transitional fluidisation - just enough air to circulate the beans and ensure an even roast with good chaff removal, yet not too much air to dry out the beans and cool the bean surface during exothermy.
The result: an extremely clean roast with good depth of flavour.

Programmed peak flavour

Roasting produces around a thousand different flavour chemicals, and the chemistry doesn't stop when the roaster stops. The chemical balance keeps on getting better both during and after roasting until it reaches peak flavour. Then, after a few days, flavour starts to fade. The Kaffelogic roast control system is so precise that it is possible to influence the rate of different chemical reactions during the roast, and thereby alter the timing of peak flavour. This means coffee can be roasted ready to drink, or, by choosing the appropriate profile, roasted ready to rest for three days before drinking. We supply both ready to drink and three day resting profiles.

Daily use

The Nano 7 is designed for daily use. It remembers the last roast settings used, so when you emerge for the day only to discover you are out of coffee, just add another scoop of green beans.

We figured you might be operating it in a caffeine deprived state so we made it as fail safe as possible.
So wake up, pour those beans in, press start, and smell the coffee.

An heirloom appliance

We want your grandchildren to inherit your Kaffelogic in perfect working order.
That's why we use only robust components, why every part is replaceable, and why the roaster can be disassembled and reassembled with ordinary tools.

We believe that the best way to be sustainable is to build with the future in mind and to honour the right to repair.