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Kaffelogic Nano 7e Benchtop Coffee Roaster

Kaffelogic Nano 7e Benchtop Coffee Roaster

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Kaffelogic Home Roaster

- Free 4 kg Specialty Grade Green Beans 
- Latest Model Nano 7e
- Free Home Delivery
- Stocks Are Limited

The Kaffelogic Nano 7e Home Coffee Roaster comes with:

- 4 x 1 kg Selection of Specialty Grade 80+ Green Beans*
- Full instruction manual
- NEW Chaff collector 
- Free NZ wide home delivery

 The Kaffelogic Nano 7e Home Coffee Roaster Features:

- 100 to 120 g per roast** 
- Small footprint
- Chaff collector
- Digital display
- Easy to use & clean
- Profile driven operation
- Completely customisable
- USB file transfer
- Roast logging for 100 roasts
- USB cable 
- Online community
- NZ designed
- NZ manufacturer
- NZ warranty
- NZ support

*By default we will typically send Brazil, PNG, Colombian & Guatemalan however this could change from time to time. If you prefer to select the beans yourself, please note your choices in the special instructions during check out (you can see the options in our coffee shop on the website) or just send us an email on our contact page.

Boost Kit available now

**Option to increase the roast size to 200 g with the new boost kit!

Your personal coffee roaster

Dial in the roast you like
Explore new frontiers of flavour with beans you roasted yourself.

The world's finest benchtop coffee roaster

Precision, profile-based roast control that is unsurpassed among small benchtop roasters. It is a professional tool trusted by commercial roasting companies.

Artisan-roasted coffee comes home

For centuries coffee was roasted in the home for immediate consumption. That fine tradition is returning, but with a difference: quality. With Kaffelogic, coffee can be roasted in the home to the highest standard.

Discover the highest form of coffee

Seek out the best specialty coffee, roast to your exact tastes, and consume whilst at peak flavour.

A storied coffee for every occasion

Every origin has a story. Weave that story with your own coffee journey as you select and roast superb coffee for every occasion.

Nano 7e Specifications:

Model: Nano 7e (latest model)

Roasting system variable airspeed fluidised air

Automation system dual profiles, temperature and airspeed

Temperature control PID control with the unique Kaffelogic look-ahead and gain scheduling system, fully user programmable

Heater 1400 W

Motor Brushless DC 60W

Power supply Model KN1007B/E 220-240 V AC Model KN1007B 230-240 V AC (The UK plug fuse for both models should be either 10 Amps or 13 Amps.)

Recommended batch size 80-100g roasted (100-120g green)

Roast time (typical) 10 mins

Cool down time (typical) 4 mins

Weight 3.6 kg

Dimensions 125 mm x 125 mm x 280 mm WxDxH base unit, height with chaff collector 430 mm

Materials Case - Powder coated steel, Plastic fittings - Nylon PA66, Roast chamber - Aluminium 

Safety continuous monitoring with full shutdown on fault detection - our roaster is safe to operate unattended

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