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Green Unroasted Beans

Brazil Natural Doce Verao Green Coffee Beans 1kg

Brazil Natural Doce Verao Green Coffee Beans 1kg

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Unroasted, green, Brazil Natural Doce Verao Coffee Beans

Perfect for your Kaffelogic home coffee roaster.

1 kg Green Beans.

This is a speciality grade brazil blend with natural processing from the Cerrado de Minas region of Brazil.

Exhbits bold thick body, and nutty aromatics.

Large 17/18 screen size, easy to roast!

Fruit, caramel, and chocolate notes

Cupping Score:82

Climate: Tropical seasonal is the predominant climate in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, with a dry winter.
Annual average temperature is of 25°C, reaching up to 40°C in the spring. Lows may reach 10°C or less from
May to July.
Altitude: 930 - 1,200 meters

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