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Cafetto Descale Powder Sachets x4 25g

Cafetto Descale Powder Sachets x4 25g

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If you have been using your espresso machine on tap water without a sub-micron lime scale filter, then sooner or later you are going to need to use this stuff.

Limescale builds up in the boiler and copper pipework of your espresso machine as a result of the naturally present calcium bicarbonate (in tap water for example) converting to less soluble carbonate in the high temperatures of an espresso machine boiler.

Left too long limescale eventually leads to part failures and costly breakdowns.  

This descale powder is designed to flush away the limescale buildup to leave the inside of your machine just like new. Please follow instructions on pack carefully and flush through with a lot of water following use.

4 x 25g Sachets

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