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Vibiemme Domobar Super Analogic

Vibiemme Domobar Super Analogic

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The Vibiemme Domobar Super Analogic espresso machine boasts a polished stainless steel exterior, combining durability with a classic Italian aesthetic. Its compact and robust design underscores both functionality and style. The machine features a powerful and efficient boiler crafted from high-quality materials with a 2 litre capacity designed to maintain a consistent brewing temperature—a crucial factor for producing high-quality espresso.

As a semi-automatic espresso machine, the Domobar Super Analogic requires manual operation, allowing precise control over the brewing process with the standard pressure of 9 bars being provided by the quiet yet powerful rotary vane pump. 

The brew control, dials, steam and hot water are all analog ensuring an intuitive user experience. The professional-grade e61 portafilter and group head (made of chrome-plated brass) contribute to heat stability and even water distribution over the coffee grounds. The machine also includes a powerful steam wand for milk frothing, providing the capability to create cafe quality milk-based coffees. 

Additionally the Super Analogic features a removable water reservoir with ample capacity, yet it can also be plumbed into mains water if desired.

In New Zealand every new Domobar comes with a second set of magnetic side panels (colour of your choice to compliment the factory stainless panels)

Vibiemme Domobar Super Analogic Specifications

Group Head VBM - E61 group in chromed-brass, with a mechanical pre-infusion chamber
Coffee Boiler 2.0 L
Pump Rotary vane
Water Supply Sensor water tank or switchable to plumbed in connection
Water Drain Drawer
Heating Element 1800 W controlled by a solid state relay
Dimensions width 250mm / height 420mm / depth 470mm / weight 25 kg
Included in the box Instruction Manual / single and double handle / Blind Filter / Pulycaff detergent
Interface 60Ø Double scale pressure gauge

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